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The Beach Glass is here!

The Beach Glass has finally hit Australian shores. This product was designed in the US, but is made for the Aussie outdoor lifestyle. The patented ball and pointed stem design lets you stake this little beauty in the sand or float it on water, freeing you from the burden of always having glass in hand, or worrying it will fall over on unstable surfaces. Save your beer, wine or beverage of choice with the Beach Glass.

To Stay

Even better, this glass is more than meets the eyes. It’s made of tough, machine-washable, BPA-free acrylic, making it resuable *and* dishwasher safe. Elegant enough for special events, such as beachfront weddings, but durable enough for everyday use. The Beach Glass won’t crack or break or spill your drink, it’s your best mate for picnics, barbies, pool parties and, of course, the beach.